Midway Presbyterian Church

Sunday Worship 11:00am

Cultivating Together God's Love for All in Jesus Christ by Feeding the Hungry and the Hungry of Heart

A Congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA) 


What do we believe?

It's a question that we all struggle with. Many times we might be tempted to answer with a creed or a formula. We might struggle to find a definitive answer that proves us right and them wrong. We might even think that church isn't a safe place to ask the question. After all, won't they be angry if I don't agree or understand?

We seek not just to have a set of beliefs. We seek to live a life of faith. A life of hope and trust in a God who is loving and gracious and good. A God who created each one of us in God's own image and cares for each of us passionately. Together, we seek wholeness and abundant life for all of creation. We discipline ourselves to practice forgiveness, compassion, authenticity and love. We share our experiences with one another in study, worship, and service.

And we have faith that God is most clearly revealed again and again in the self-giving love of Jesus. It's a love that we are always striving to participate in. It's a love that is best savored together in community. It's a love that is constantly calling us to evolve and grow deep roots and live for what truly matters.

God is good, all the time and all the time, God is good.