Midway Presbyterian Church

Sunday Worship 11:00am

Cultivating Together God's Love for All in Jesus Christ by Feeding the Hungry and the Hungry of Heart

A Congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA) 


Midway Presbyterian Church Celebrates 175th Anniversary

On Saturday, August 13, members of Midway Presbyterian Church joined with neighbors and friends to celebrate the church's 175th anniversary. Pastor Mary Seeger Weese, Kentucky Historical Society Historical Marker Program Coordinator Becky Riddle, and Midway Mayor Grayson Vandegrift spoke at the marker dedication. Elder Judy Offutt, who researched the information for the marker, and Mayor Vandegrift unveiled the marker.  In addition to dedicating the marker, the new fellowship hall addition was dedicated, and Transylvania Presbytery General Presbyter Philip Lotspeich joined Pastor Weese and Elder John Davis in providing remarks during the ceremony in the church's sanctuary. Everyone gathered for bbq in the new fellowship hall and enjoyed the historical display and the slide show prepared by Judy Offutt that included photos from the past few decades. After dinner, everyone moved outside to enjoy live music and the beauty of the Community Garden, one of Midway Presbyterian's most popular missions. Thanks to all who came out to celebrate with us, and to all who worked so hard to make this wonderful day possible!

Youth Leader Job Available

Midway Presbyterian Church (at www.midwaypresbyterian.org) is calling a Youth Leader who will help fulfill its mission of witnessing to the love of God by feeding the hungry and the hungry of heart. Through word and action, the Youth Leader will help the Youth understand, carry out, and witness to God’s will for them, being fed by God and feeding those who are hungry or hungry of heart.

Midway Presbyterian is a small church located only 15 minutes from Lexington, Frankfort, Georgetown, and Versailles, Kentucky. Founded in the mid-1800s, the church has served its parishioners and community over many years. Its services are primarily traditional, but it is growing. A recent expansion added a new fellowship hall, which looks out directly on the Community Garden and new playground equipment.

The church’s current Youth Director is leaving after many years of service because of his family’s career situation. Several established programs exist. The session is seeking someone who has a calling to help grow our Youth into Leaders.

More specifically, the Youth Leader will be asked to:

  • Guide the Youth in:

o   Developing their capacity and ability to become leaders

o   Establishing and growing their relationship with God and all God’s creation,

o   Seeing themselves as God sees them,

o   Experiencing joyful and meaningful faith-based activities

  • Develop and communicate plans and needs with youth, parents, minister, and the Christian Education Committee. Those plans should include, at a minimum:

o   Lead and teach Youth Sunday School from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM each Sunday

o   Attend Church Services from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM each Sunday

o   Hold two Youth Group meetings at Midway Presbyterian monthly:

  1. One preparing High School and College Youth to mentor the Junior High and Elementary Youth;
  2. One assi sting the delivery of Youth Events for the Junior High and Elementary Youth by the High School and College Youth

o   Working cooperatively with Youth Leaders at other churches as needed so that our Youth can participate with other groups.

The Youth Leader will be responsible to the Christian Education Committee, which will call a review meeting at least twice annually, or as often as needed, in which both the Youth Leader and Committee will have the opportunity to report progress against objectives and planned activities and requests, share future plans, and confirm or express any needs.

For this service, the church agrees to pay $100 each week Sunday School is held, and $150 each week when Sunday School and Youth Group is held. Additional payment for extraordinary events (e.g., weekend retreats, etc.) will be negotiated. No payment will be made for weeks of vacation.

Those who feel called should contact Sally Kinnaird, Chair of the Youth Leader Selection subcommittee, at swkinnaird@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

Ideas for keeping Christian during the Christmas season

How many of us by the time we get to Christmas are already "done" with Christmas? It seems like each year the Christmas preparation season gets longer and busier with more expected from us. Sometimes it’s difficult to be Christian during the Christmas season hustle and bustle. So, here are some ideas for not "losing your religion" during this most holy and joyous season! (And who knows? You might just shine the light of Christ into someone else’s life!)

Ideas for keeping Christian during the Christmas season:

1. Be an agent of God’s grace -— even when no one else is. Be kind and forgiving.

2. Have patience —- even when no one else does. Harrumphing isn’t going to make people move any faster. Use those extra minutes in lines or in traffic to count your blessings

3.When someone wishes you "Happy Holidays," smile and say, "Thank you." Notice the intent behind the words rather than the words themselves.

4. Remember this is the season of peace! Don’t go looking for conflict. Be a peacemaker.

5. Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy. Daily time with God as well as intentional time set apart for spiritual nurturing and rejuvenation will help us stay focused on Christ.

6. It’s all really about the incarnation! This season isn’t at all about what WE do or about how WE celebrate. This holy season is completely about the incarnation of God — Emmanuel, God with us.

7. There is no perfect holiday. Certainly Mary and Joseph had envisioned a different scenario of their son’s birth and life. God works through our imperfections. Go with the flow.

Perhaps if we all practice these little reminders we can overcome the stress, look forward to Christ's birth, spread the true meaning of this holy season, and enjoy a blessed (and Merry) Christmas!

— Thanks to Rev. Beth Garrod-Logsdon, Wilmore Presbyterian Church